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 Downhole Motor


    The downhole motor is a kind of drilling tools developed for converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. When mud through the motors by the by-pass valve, at the motor import and export formed pressure difference and make the rotor rotate the axis of rotation, and then rotate speed and torque through universal shaft and transmission shaft transfer to drill bit, thus realize the drilling operation, The downhole motor driven directly connected driveshaft and bit rotation, the whole pipe column only as working medium carries high voltage of channel and support against torque rods drill, does not make the rotary motion. Compare with conventional drilling,Downhole motor has a lot of advantages. Downhole motor suitable for directional, vertical and horizontal drilling.

    The Downhole motor may also be equipped with extended power section. Comparing with common motors, they are greatly increased in output torque and power, which help to increase penetration rate markedly. For some kinds of motor, hollowed rotors are optional as well. It can reduce the rotation inertia, optimize meshing fo rotor and stator, and decrease the vibration while running. If the rotor is equipped with a nozzle, it can increase waterpower of the bit.

Downhole motor Specifications

     Popular sizeOutside diametermm:Æ73, Æ80, Æ89, Æ95, Æ102, Æ120, Æ165, Æ172, Æ185,Æ197, Æ203, Æ216, Æ244. 

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Universal shaft                                  Flexible shaft universal shaft

                                   Petal-type universal shaft                Ball-type universal shaft

Angle adjustable device

    Angle adjustable device used to increase certain motor bend angle. Point of view need to be adjusted according to the customer.



Secondary Sheave


Radial-thrust bearing               Carbide Bearing


Features of uniform wall thickness downhole motor

    Downhole motor is a product of new generation, stator with uniform wall thickness rubber lining with metal spiral inside surface structure. This structure greatly improve the reliability of drilling tools, and the drill dynamic properties of improving 50-100%, raising the mechanical penetration rate.


Features of uniform wall thickness downhole motor advantage                

l          Features of uniform wall thickness downhole motor due to the uniform wall thickness rubber wall thickness, the motor performance parameters more close to the theoretical design;

l          Uniform temperature affects decreased due to the rubber deformation caused motor linear distortion, reduce the motor linear correction difficulty;

l          During the work and rubber resistance to deformation ability strengthens, rubber "rigid" increases, single stage pressure heighten, mechanical properties stiffness increasing, wear slows down, efficiency effectively wider, prolong motor service life;

l          Features of uniform wall thickness downhole motor due to the uniform wall thickness rubber wall thickness,sensitive to temperature decreases, slow rubber thermal aging.

l          Ensure the downhole motor the reliability and stability. Since the motor single stage confined heighten, output efficiency and power increases, the downhole motor can design the shorter, more conducive to in the deep well, short radius of horizontal wells in use.

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