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ZSCQ series of degasser 


ZSCQ series of vacuum degasser is mainly used to remove entrained gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and

natural gas from the gas-cut drilling mudThe two types are ZSCQ/180 and ZSCQ/240. 

Technical characteristics:

l  Explosion proof electric motor

l  The floating ball works reliable. Maintenance of the check valve is easy.

l  The compact structure makes the installation convenient.

l  All devices are installed in one frame;

l  The operation is safe with few movable parts.

The vacuum degasser is made up of an explosion-proof electric motor, a vacuum pump and a button control panel.

The working principle : firstly, the vacuum pump transmits gas-cut drilling fluid into the degasser chamber; and secondly, the low pressure in the degasser chamber help separating the air bubbles from the drilling fluid. The Dispersion plates Bring entrained gas closer to the mud surface for easy removal. At last, the gas will be removed and the drilling fluid flows to the bottom. The drilling fluid will be discharged from the outlet with negative pressure. 

Technical parameter 




Flow rate



Surface area of Dispersion plates

6.3 m2

9.2 m2

Vacuum Rating

608 mm of mercury

532 mm of mercury

Separation efficiency, not less than



motor power

4 KW

5 KW





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