Shearer is mining equipment for the compound, while the completion of mining and the use of conveyor transport, in some cases, broken ore.

Hydraulic traction Shearer

Shearer power: 200KW, 375KW, 475KW

The site uses cutting drive electric traction Ironman, hydraulic system uses the traction of reliable domestic items made in China, convenient in operation and maintenance, has high reliability.



Electric traction Shearer

Total grain output: 500 kW, 600kvt, 700kvt, 730kvt, 900kvt, 930kvt, 1200kvt, 1400kvt, 1600kvt, 1800kvt.Shearer height of less than 1200mm, consists of three parts, curved bar, can reduce the height of coal mining to improve the coal space; if Shearer height of less than 1200mm, with straight bar, to meet strong resistance to cutting and towing requirements.




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