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Electric Locomotive


Manufacturing base has final assembly workstation, bogie production line, large-power traction motor and transformer manufacturing center, and full-function test station, can develop and manufacture more than 30 types of AC and DC drive locomotives in different use, such as fast passenger transportation, passenger & freight utility, heavy-duty freight.

Researching and developing capability

Designing and researching center has engineers and designers in different technique field, could research new technique and equipment, and adopts them in production.



Widely communicate and turnover advanced techniques with international companies likes Siemens, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. Siemens gave our designing and production staff of rail transit vehicles systematic training and cooperates on vehicles designation.



Main Products:


Electric locomotive O’ZBEKISTON

O’ZBEKISTON type adopts a lot of innovation on optimizing wheel-gauge relation for achieving adequate allowance in bend running. Installs Russianlocomotive safety signal system and ТСКБМ driver alert system, makes the locomotive more intellectualized and more reliable, for Ukraine adopts 1520mm gauge and their railway has many bend and little curvature. Ukraine also has special application environment on climatic temperature difference, the lowest is -40 and the hottest is 50 According to UIC651 standard of the international railway union, new material and new method for cutting off or lowering noise spreading is adopted, the noise level is greatly lowered.


 KZ4A Locomotive

KZ4A is AC drive high speed passenger electric locomotive. It is fit for the trunk line in <st1:country-region w:st="on">Kazakhstan. The main application is for the traction of Talgo high speed tilting passenger train.The highest speed is 210km/h

Voltage: 25kv

Gauge: 1520mm



It is the earliest high-speed EMU in <st1:country-region w:st="on">China with 321.5km/h and the fastest EMU in commercial application in <st1:country-region w:st="on">China at present.

Voltage: 25kv, 50Hz

Gauge: 1435mm

Electric driving system adopts domestic GTO water-cooling transform converter unit and 1225kw large-power induction traction motor with a wide range of constant power, large shaft power, good adhesive characteristics, and high power factor and efficient.




Electric locomotive SS7

Not only fit for little curvature radius line, but also fit for the trunk line with steep gradient. SS7 also can be used in heavy-duty freight traction in multi-locomotive.

Main features:

B0-B0-B0 axle arrangement improves the security in curve line running.

Separate and compound full-lamination traction motor improves the anti-slipping


Large power shell-type main transformer with compact structure, small volume and

light weight.

Rated voltage: AC25KV50HZ

The highest speed: 100km/h

Power: 4800kw



HXD2 Electric Locomotive

The HXD2 Electric Locomotive is an 8-axle AC drive electric locomotive for freight traffic. Co-operating with ALSTOM, The HXD2 is developed from ALSTOM PRIMABB43700 electric locomotive. The locomotive adopts network control technology, standardized and modular designation, has a wide range of constant power, large shaft power, good adhesive characteristics, high power factor, minimized harmonic interference, low maintenance rate and whole-life run cost and wide application range. The locomotive could be stored in -40 and used after heating and adopting cold-proof protection.

Voltage: 25kw

Gauge: 1435mm

Braking power in sustainable condition: 1000kw




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