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    PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd.(situated in the Russian Federation) is a subsidiary company of the HAIHUA Industry Group. It has been operating in the Russian market for around fifteen years and utilizes the resources of its parent company. One of its primary activities is the construction of airports in the CIS territory, which includes the construction of airport runways and terminals based on government regulations and standards.

    PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd., a subsidiary company of HAIHUA Industry Group, possesses strong capital, advanced technology and equipment and human resources support. In Russia, it owns a technological base, which includes 200 construction equipment items, such as cement mixing plants, a concrete mixing station, pavers, dozers, excavators, vehicles, as well as other specialized construction equipment that can be used in the construction of roads, bridges and airport complexes.


    PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. has received a Russian building permit that allows it to carry out contracts for the construction of airports, roads and other large-scale construction and assembly facilities in the country.

      SRO Certificate                                                                ISO Certificate



    PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. employs technical experts- architects and designers, production and technical specialists, quantity surveyors, technician-geodesists, laboratory assistants and other engineers, as well as experienced and qualified builders. These experts ensure the implementation and safety of PETRO-HAIHUA’s construction projects in Russia.


    HAIHUA Industry Group’s Quality Control Center Laboratory is a specialized unit that conducts adjustment operations, assessment and preventive maintenance of the civil airfield pavements(in accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Control System, which provides quality control measures for the entire process from materials acquisition to end-products). The laboratory has more than ten key state science and technology projects. The laboratory is also an international leader in construction coatings, as well as the development and improvement of new materials for coatings.

    The laboratory is equipped with various advanced testing devices, which are used to perform material testing of construction materials, including sand, cement, gravel, fittings, etc. After the test has approved each material batch, the materials are then used during construction. In strict accordance with the regulations, the company determines the required strength of the concrete using control samples. Drill core sampling is carried out during the drilling process and concrete quality control ensures that construction materials meet the regulations.

Laboratory Assessment Certificate

    In order to strengthen the development and maturity of PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. in Russia and Russian-speaking markets, the parent company provides strong operational support. In fact, HAIHUA Industry Group has established a long-term human resources and financial resources mechanism to support and implement large-scale projects. 

    The company has earned the trust of its customers due to its excellent quality and high efficiency. A strong technical team, advanced equipment and strict management ensure that the  company can continuously expand its capabilities in the field of airport construction. Recently, the company has completed the construction of airports in Talakan and Kaluga in Russia.


Airport of Talakan, Russia                                               Airport of Kaluga, Russia

    In recent years, the company has received numerous awards for its high-quality construction and a strong reputation as a reliable partner.

    HAIHUA Industry Group strives to become a model international organization in the airport construction industry. Our slogan: "Exceptional quality, leading technology and customer satisfaction.”

    We sincerely invite you to work with us. Together, we will achieve success!

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