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Power Transformer


Phase number: single-phase, three-phase;

Winding number: double-winding, multiple-winding, autotransformer;

Voltage regulating: on-load, no-load;

Insulating medium: oil-immersed, dry-type;

Coil material: Cu, Al;

Functions:   Transform voltage and distribution of electric energy.


Basic Parameters

Capacity: 30-1000000kVA;

Voltage level: 10kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV, 750kV, 1000 kV.



                                       Transformer 1000kV                                                                          Transformer 500kV



                                   Transformer 220kV                                                                               Transformer 110kV



Oil-immersed Power Transformer 35kV



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