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  Quanlity Control and After-sale Service 

l  Supervision

The production is supervised by independent supervision institution.

l  Training

The manufacturer is responsible for staff training. The training involves instruction and standard practice of electrical equipment and the main structure of the drilling rig.

l  Installation and debugging

The manufacturer is responsible for the installation and debugging of the drilling rig and its ancillary equipment. The manufacturer will also help to drill the first well.

l  After-sale Service

Ø  To provide timely and perfect after sale-service, our company built four service and parts warehouse in Iraq, Fusco, Wahl, ust - Kut and Kurgan.

Ø  To ensure timely and high quality technical service, our company sent experts resident in Russia

Ø  Our company provide life-long paid technical repair services and full sets of accessories supply during the term of service.



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