Airport of Talakan, Russia

    In June of 2011, PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. won the rights to build an artificial runway at the airport in Talakan (Yakutia).

    Construction of the artificial runway lasted from May to August 2012. The construction entailed laying a surface consisting of fine-grained cement and a reinforced concrete cover for the artificial runway apron. The runwaylengthis3,100m and its width is 42m. Despite the difficulties of a busy schedule and harsh climate, the construction team completed the project in three months. The amount of lean concrete placement was 228,800 m2,reinforced concrete was 217, 000 m2. Construction was carried out and inspect strictly in accordance with Russian law. The project was successfully accepted at the end of October 2012, and the quality was in accordance with Russian standard. In January 2013, the Talakan airport officially opened and on April 9, 2013 the airport became operational for scheduled, regular flights. 

    Construction and quality control was carried out in accordance with Russian law. At the end of October 2012,the project was successfully accepted..The quality of construction was fully consistent with Russian standards and was rated as "excellent".

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