Airport «Kaluga»

    In November 2013, PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd signed a general contract that awarded it the rights to reconstruct the airport in Kaluga city(Kalugaregion).

    Construction began in February 2014 and was completed in October 2014.The airport has earned an excellent quality assessment by experts..Within the framework of the project, "Reconstruction of the airport in Kaluga city, "PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. was responsible for constructing an artificial runway with a total area of 99,000 square meters (consisting of asphalt concrete), taxiways with total area of 4,600 square meters, the apron aircraft parking with total area of 38,968 square meters, the hangar apron and a rainwater drainage network. The total volume of excavation was 452,200 cubic meters.

(Procedures for the conclusion of the general contract for the reconstruction of the international airport in Kaluga)

    The Governor of the Kaluga Region and the General Director of PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. visited the construction site of the international airport in the city of Kaluga.

The first plane landed on the runway of the international airport in Kaluga.

    The Governor of the Kaluga Region presented the award to the Director of PETRO-HAIHUA Ltd. in Kaluga. In addition, all employees were awarded special merits for their work on the construction of the airport in the Kaluga Region.

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