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High Voltage Circuit Breaker

High Voltage Circuit Breaker has two types: dead-tank and live tank. The voltage could reach 40.5kv and above. It has following advantages:

● Simple structure. Cell structure with less break and parts.

● Good control performance.

● High reliability.

● Easy maintenance and long maintenance cycle

● Low noise.

Three operation types: spring, pneumatic and hydraulic mechanism. Spring mechanism is widely used on SF6 circuit breaker for its advantages, especially in self or semi-self extinguishing chamber which needs small operating power. Advantages: low operating noise, good low temperature resistance, maintenance-free, high reliability.

The circuit breaker has special self-extinguishing chamber.

Optimized chamber structure achieves self-extinguishing with self-adaptive blowing pressure and breaking current. The structure has following advantages:

● For well designed electric field which ideally conforms to the motion characteristics, its capacitive breaking current has no breakdown.

●Appropriate flow characteristics makes inductance breaking current without cut-off overvoltage.

●Utilization of self-adaptive blowing pressure and breaking current brings high reliability of breaking performance and adequate arcing time difference, when breaks rated short-circuit current or any other malfunction current.

●Inherits the advantages of puffer circuit breaker, simplifies the parts of arcing chamber, and makes products have high electrical reliability.

Identified in December, 1999 and verified by Kema Lab, Holland. 






 550kv and above Outdoor AC SF6 Dead-tank CB


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