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Mud Pump


Mud pump is used for pressuring wells when drilling oil, natural gas and other exploration wells and production wells, also for cementing, perforating and fracturing job. It's designed in accordance to API 7K standard.

Main products 

  l        F series mud pump

Pump type: F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600, F-2200

Rated power: from 373kw (500 hp) to 1640kw    (2200 hp)

Max.Pressure range: Mpa 27.2-34.5

Max.Displacement range: l/s 36.75-77.65

Single action triplex pump

Herringbone gear

Forced lubrication and splash lubrication

Parts interchangeability

l         PAH and PZ series mud pump

       Pump type: PAH-275HP, PZ-7, PZ-9

       Rated Power: 205 kw (275 hp) - 735 kw (1000 hp)

       Maximum pressure range: Mpa 21.9-36.5

       Maximum displacement range: I/s 22.5-44.28

       Single action triplex pump


        Mud Pump Unit


l          Skid mounted pump, with heat rooms, or rooms without heat

l          Semi-trailer pump, with heat rooms, or rooms with no insulation

l          Transmission

l          Diesel engine

l          Motor

l          Power transfer mode

l          Belt drive+air tube clutch

l          Angle gear box +crank



                      Motor  Drive Pump                                      Diesel  Drive Pump


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