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 Auxiliary Converter 

l           The input of each converter module has 4-quadrant pulse rectifiers. Rectifier and inverter IGBT as the switching elements are used.

l           Rectifier has a pre-charge and soft-start feature, which will greatly reduce the impact on power converter (pre-charge time of less than 1.5 seconds.)

l           Inverter control uses space vector modulation (SVPWM), based on U / F = constant, the frequency of the motor starter.

l           Inverter motor speed control system uses a dedicated DSP chip. The controller chip has a complete digital control unit.

l           Locomotive auxiliary converter has a comprehensive protection features including over current, over voltage, radiators overheat, short circuit protection, as well as component failure, and electronic control panel IGBT fault protection.

l           Output installed of the du / dt suppressor, can significantly improve the output voltage of the du / dt and peak voltage, and reduces system EMI magnitude and increased motor life.


Inverter uses DSP and VVVF control (AC voltage, AC frequency control system), and can be started at a constant speed locomotives, locomotive constant power conditions.


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