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 High-voltage capacitor

There are three production lines which are for capacitor cores, dipping and spraying.

Every part of the capacitor has specific designation.


       l          Solid dielectric: Three-layer film polypropylene structure enhances the electric strength

Liquid dielectric: M/DBT, which has well low temperature performance, is used as liquid dielectric.

l          The structure of capacitor pole plate adopts the design of one side protruded and the other side edge-fold.

Internal fuse, the most advanced technology in the world, ensures the products' stability and credibility.

l          Capacitor Bushing is with British rolling processing flange. Argonaut welding naturalizes the seam between bushing and case, brings well sealing and mechanical performance.


l          Shunt capacitor

l          Assembling capacitor

l          Capacitor banks

Main Technical Parameter

l          voltage1-25kv

l          capacity100kvar~800kvar

l          capacitance Deviation0±5℅

l          electrolyte tangent angle loss≤0.002

l          Long term operation is allowed with 1.05 rated voltages, 1.15 rated voltages permitted if no more than 30min/24h.

Technical Charateristics

l          low capacitance Deviation

l          Low-dielectric loss

l          low temperature rise

l          low partial discharge



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