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Complete distribution equipment


Complete distribution equipment is used for receiving and distributing the power, composited by several separate cabinet and adapting pieces.



- Indoor;

-draw-type(handcart-type), stationary;

-less oil circuit breaker;

Electromagnetic circuit breaker;

Vacuum circuit breaker;

SF6 circuit breaker;

-Unilateral/bilateral maintenance.


Basic Parameters

Rated voltage:0.4-40.5kV.


                         KYN-24kV power Distribution Cabinet                                            KYN-12kV power Distribution Cabinet



                    XGN-40.5kV power Distribution Cabinet                                                 XGN-24kV power Distribution Cabinet



                  XGN-12kV power Distribution Cabinet                                                 XGN-40.5kV power Distribution Cabinet



Low Voltage power Distribution Cabinet



Low Voltage power Distribution Cabinet



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