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Complete transformer station

Purpose and usage range

Complete transformer station is used for the receiving, transforming and distributing of the electrical power for the industry power supply project, gas and mine industry, mechanical manufacture enterprises, railway transportation, city, municipal utility equipment, countries and the other large-scale construction, mining and power net projects.



l  Complete supplyment;

l  High preparation;

l  Convenient and fast installation;

l  Long service life;

l  Safety;

l  Effectiveness.


Classification of theTransformer Station


Classification Standard


By the type of the transformer

With dry transformer

With oil-immersed transformer

By the way of completing the neutral point on the low voltage side of the power transformer

With deep grounded neutral point

With insulating neutral point

By the arrangement form

Single arrangement

Double arrangement

By the number of the power transformer

With single transformer

With double transformers and more

The conductive part is insulating or not

With neutral point bus

With insulating bus

By the high-voltage inlet wire

Cable, bus, aerial lead-in

By the output end of the outlet wire

Upper outlet, nether outlet, upper-nether outlet

By the form of the automatic switch

Draw-type switch or stationary switch


Complete supplement

According to the specific order, complete supplement includes these equipments:

l  Power transformer;

l  Open(closed) complete transformer station;

l  Complete power distribution equipment(GIS);

l  Isolating switch;

l  Vacuum circuit breaker;

l  Bus group;

l  Cable structure;

l  Main control station of transformer station;

l  Lighting device;

l  Foundation;

l  Lightning protector;

l  Earthing device;

l  Guardrail.


Complete supplement can be changed according to the specific order of the customers.



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