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Brief Introduction

Used for fast and safe drilling of verticle wells, directional wells and horizontal wells, Power top drive integrates functions of swivel and rotary table, and is equipped with a full set of equipments operating the drill rod in drilling operations.

Main advantage of using the top drive:

 l  Shortening connection time

l  Reducing sticking probability

l  Tripping back reaming

l  Improving drilling accuracy of directional wells

l  Guaranteeing the safety of drilling crew

l  Reducing the blowout risk

l  Reducing casing resistance in complex wells

l  Improving the coring efficiency


Top drive in essence is a highly efficient new type drilling equipment that can ensure the entire drilling technology and process. According to requirements of the ordering party, Haihua Industry Group R&D department can make technical data applicable to verious types of rig top drive wiring.


Climate level for use: temperate cold climate

Operating temperature: -45°С~ +40°С

Storage temperature: -60°С~ +40°С




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