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Relay protection and automatic device


Application and Range of Usage

Relay protection device is a specialized automatic device used for finding, alarming and/or automatically cutting off the damaged device.

Relay protection and automatic device is formed by first and second intelligent devices, it is connected via communication protocol IEC61850 and the other protocols of IEC. It can be used for building the newest digital transformer station and dispatching center(for the remote control of several transformer stations).



l  Simple second connection;

l  Less optical fiber cables instead of power cables;

l  Optimized measuring quality;

• Accurate transportation and processing of the digital signals;

• Optimized reliability of the information transportation;

• CRC test and communication channel self-test;

• Simplified solution of the electromagnetic compatibility issue;

• High accuracy of the electronic transformer;

• Solved problems as CT saturation, breakage and ferromagnetic resonance.


Types of Protection Devices

l  Line protection device;

l  Circuit control and protection device;

l  Transformer protection device;

l  Bus protection device;

l  Generator protection device;

l  Motor protection device;

l  Reactor protection device;

l  Capacitor control and protection device;

l  Feeder control and protection device.


Intelligence Products of Relay Protection and Automatic Device:

l  Computer automatic control system;

l  Control devices of transformer station and complete power distribution equipment;

l  Remote control device;

l  Protocol transformer;

l  GPS receiver;

l  Ethernet switchboard.


Supplement of the relay protection device can be confirmed by the specific order of the customers.

Complete supplement of relay protection and automatic device can be ensured according to the special design of the customers.




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