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B Serial Ball Valve



l  Dual-cell type, floating plug, steel shell;

l  DN15-250mmPN1.6-4.0MPa


The series ball valve is equipped with dual carbon steel rotating shell, float ball and flange connection. Size 15-300mm, full bore or reduced diameter. Pressure range 1.6-4.0MPa (ANSI Level 150-300), working temperature -460C+2000C. B Series Ball Valves comply with BS 5351, 6755 and API 607 ​​standard fire safety requirements. B Series Ball Valves fire performance certificated by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.


According to the NACE MR0175 standard, ball valve can be used in the environment of high hydrogen sulfide content. Can choose a variety of soft sealing materials to meet the working temperature and pressure requirements, such as: Teflon, PEEK, Delrin, Polyphenylene.


The standard structure of ball valve includes: sealing stem, anti-static device and locking device. Special packing form can be configured according to user’s requirements. Standard drive includes manual drive, mechanical drive with the adapter for the installation, electric drive and pneumatic drive. B series valve can be equipped with a cryogenic temperature structure base of -196 ° С below or a metal base above +400 ° С.




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