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BT Serial Ball Valve



l  Dual-cell type, floating plug, cast steel shell;

l  DN50-600mmPN1.6-25.0MPa

This series of high-performance valve sealing is suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure medium. Size: 50-600mm. temperature range:  -46 ~~ +200 ° C, pressure range: 1.6-25 .0 MPa. 

The valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of API 6D, and have BS 6755, API 6FA fire test certification, and LR Lloyd's certification, widely used in the oil and gas industry.


The BT Series Ball Valves have fixed valve ball, and use prestressed spring seals to ensure good sealing under low pressure medium conditions.


The series of valves have perfect design, are good choice for the high-pressure job.



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