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BB Series Ball Valve



l  Dual-cell type, floating plug, forged steel shell;

l  DN15-100mmPN 8.0-42.0MPa.

BB Series Ball Valve has forged steel dual-cell structure, adopts pin connection, floating ball and flange connection. Forged steel is used for shell and spool to prevent defects of forged steel. This kind of valve can be used in high-pressure working environment.


Overall dimension of BB Series Ball Valve: 15-100mm. Working pressure: 8.0-42.0MPa. Valve meets fire safety requirements of standard API 607. 

Standard structure of valve includes: sealing valve stem, anti-static device and locking device. The structure of filler can be designed in accordance with user’s requirements. Standard structure of drive can adopt manual drive with adaptor for installation of mechanical drive; electric drive or pneumatic drive. Working pressure: 1.6-2.5MPa. Triple-cell structure can be ordered.






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