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T Series Butterfly Valve




Butterfly valve with elastic seal can be used in various industrial fields as two-way valve or control valve. Compared with traditional gate valve and ball valve, butterfly valve is smaller, lighter and cheaper. Butterfly valve with spring seal is suitable for waterline, as well as processing industry.   

Applied for: pipelines for drinking water or waste water, power station, shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and paper industry. 

Temperature range: -200C-+2000C. Specafication: 50-600mm. Pressure range: 1.0-1.6MPa. 

T Series Butterfly Valve has compact structure and reliable performance, can work efficiently without maintenance. Adoption of new spring material makes the sealing performance meet standard of A level and prevents from leakage and corrosion. Support ring of sealing element can prevent offset and guarantee convenient reset.



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